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Girl hears her student saying “why do you think I’d know?” to the laughing “weren’t we on left side?” that’s in the runner flow beginning level one, when we are ________. Girl tells student not to be so self-deprecative. Student nods. Student laughs at self and says “I always do this flow completely forgetting, I get so lost in peace of rolls that come in pieces (not pun) of many kinds between each runner when I do get to the runner I’m not sure and it’s ok in my mind, after a moment of blissful confusion, possibly another surrender to extended child, I do remember. Interestingly flows back in like a bubble that I was eyeing for it’s luster in waves- back through them.

Girl is dying. She falls over after one breath meditation. Feels the aaaaah   (this is in a dream) --girl asks why she is having so many mortality thoughts, knowing it is return-of-Saturn 29 Birthday in two days, but still ??

Girl is mountain-asana-like stretching her latissumus on her dog.

Doing “level 21/2 reverse slants.” … “level2 ½ cat bow flow”

“toe tricks completely lost in order”

(moments of bliss unbeknownst in its proof and of the mutability of memory in forgivability on flows) \

it's been so many times

...          .runners arch 

  ...    I recall poepole looking at me while I do the yoga in public   ......    ... post-skate

post-swim why not do an exercise for building making as many times notes as possile you are seen and the people smile, and the variety..

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I already know from comparing the dancer who's not anatomically correct to the one who is in that mental video that side leg stretch in limbo between engaged and disengaging in its core is the cause of side tilt that we don't want, for focus needed on internal rotators in hip. Also I know doing it all on a hard floor is harder, this from experience.

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"A Love forever true..."  "A gardian angel on high with nothing to do but to give to me and to you a love forever true." plays the beatles mix as I hunker in my posture for rehearse of the pairs eagles I'm swinging- I call them pairs eagles- they're really a small version of eagles...

Flying glasses. Zambonie eating them. My blade-ensheathed toe snaring itself upon a chocolate easter bunny and gaining that time only- prize axel landing...

before going back to work another 12 hours in the

She flies
before a step up to fly flawlessly through a

I always knew that Ann had truly an advantageous perception of the scale of the space above the ice, it's light... being highly skilled in a field an ice skater would covet, gainfully on the springs into various grips on rotation, skating being such an art in the air as well, where the flash of the instant -its moment of light perception, full-on speedy in reaction 
my dream for my skating

Being thoroughly for all intents of purposes to the choreographic ring blind, and I never to get such a skater  because I jump the wrong direction, well, you know, there are of course lots of people who do but scarce are they to find in your rink and scarcer too to be boys.. that's why I'm sitting here listening to the b
pic (with the glasses removeed---blind)
so where was I ? On the plane, a guy and a girl about age 20 are noserubbing in a row two ahead of mine- that's where I am, every time my mind harkens itself back to the starting point now for choreographing- if our noses rub, we are in a bit of 
it's "like eieroobier," my coach woerv would say, like the woe48ifuo ethat beats the aoeiro b in all shapes and forms- there was a long time of it, the challenging nutrition lifestyle that prooved a bit too challenging finally- I love eating vegetarian, and almost totally, vegan, but still the bits of dairy cooking special by my Mom gets in,
ewoijf er" eorijeorijbobe boirb irea' lerjoeirjve r
erkljoeirjge oeirg
 rtoeijhrb etr eg
e rgkljernverthng"  hug... descrip: creative
and that's where it starts -my tale of the plane and its revelation to me of this one special factoid upon which to base all the snack party
ights in future: T Amos cookies, in the bag tumbled forth in fervor from snack machine rinkside:  Here in our plane- *** ? - we cannot eat because    --.  My  Mom is my manager- she picks and scales kids to be coached, rates to be offered resultant of their mothers being her garden goody-providers- my Mom used to garden until her knees ached her due to a condition we both share --arthritis --more on that later.   Our eating of the chocolate here is so similar to that of the parties iceside post-skate where under the condition of
cannot eat just chocolate brownies, we must eat cookie-decor brownies.

So why I love eating so much: to be complete, why I love eating Ghiradellis chocolate so much: 

"A Love forever true..."  "A gardian angel on high with nothing to do but to give to me and to you a love forever true." plays the beatles mix as I hunker in my posture for rehearse of the pairs eagles I'm swinging- I call them pairs eagles- they're really a small version of eagles...
  rkr kerjnkjr
erkjtn e
r telrjkh stekljrhng erlkblrtfg
and it's melt-in-your-mouth good like Ghiradelli, lekwe says.
eroivmklr ekrntrngjnb ptrhreh eibmklr ekrntrngjnb ptrhreh (descrip of how I can't do eagle)
eagle twist

his bald spot on his head

is like the sand
on which I roll when I've finished rehearsing my skating
-the beach being the best place, you know, for this

Here we are, him and I,

singing "a love forever true"...

back 2 years- arthrit-- story told, &pics wheeuw wheeuw like dog's squeak toy also coaching the underrotated in inadequacy complete and total coached to only land 3/4 a revolution
program practice
I watch her test
at last --some moves--
ariel   --some moves--
mine would be

so back to me with this arthritic condition
don't (concise).
*do I want the anecdotal mix of the anecdote of moves or program with yoga? YES  especially since goes w/ anecdotal with the ariel

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wanting to make poetry
the accented sound- like music, notes do-
directly communicate

want to teach well, well
like good's step beyond, not f'ine, flatline
and make everyone say "well, aah om is the silent first crack of it-" an interrcom
being between is where everyone wishes to be,
silent "to -be" is the  journ-ey of silent silt

i want to feel carried along by discipline -that's why I use the different -new each day- emergences of the memory of mantra and feeling connected with class- both in sync, to discipline, that's the mantra I eill use the NEXT day. slowing them down, keeping to the one I woke with this morning which is carrying -gleaning from memory long-ago these days, of mantras learned -coming back up like spring tubers, and disciplining-ly singing, that way

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In State College trooping around after sleeping out and sooooo tired, cold, not able to keep up with Valerie and having to call her to tell her I HAD to nap before then moving on to yoga rather than meet her for the Christmas street fest
In Theresa's one of the first times after starting skating, learning the turning mountain, realizing I am ...camels...too many not having occured yet too me- sore.
Another time like that- Kriyavati- so sore.
hanging upside down one evening after a practice and feeling better after like 20 minutes of feeling upper and lower back vertebrae realign
at Ahimsa and I realize: sore from camels, Level 2 though the rest of me supports the idea, the camel-hold-up part of upper back and lumbar, exhausted, inflamed, surely subluxated.
I know there are weeks in there not remembered as being sore and remembered as having nice flows in them on Wednesday/'Thursday period, well, there actually weren't many- the first couple of weeks were in Theresa's learning the turning thing and that was sore and the pre Thanksgiving time rested and my knee did ache and low back ache as evidence both were overused- though Thanksgiving rested it and restored it when I practiced with Deborah, really realy restored these aches.
Then of course there's this last couple-week stretch in which I finally realized- after it starting to inkle something... what is it- maybe camels? at first I thought  layback- has to be reduced- well it's both. Drawing on that today in totally slowing down, tuning into specific muscle groups before readying to enter and then with the spins themselves only two or three per today, I did that few today, maybe three if you count the spin on the spinner. I feel great, taken care of. I told Tiffany I am "so so injured" because I was drawing on memory of the past several weeks at the right moment, explaining to her my lack of doing the pushups at  "do ten" cue because that let me remember all the fear I'd had and obivously still am just GETTING OVER to be able to put aside the sadness that I'm not going much to Triyoga, not to Gita at all, and that sound -abrasive to my queit-cue-used-to verbal meditation-mindset-  so let it get me unfocused on the gentleness I need to execute the leaving-the-meditative-for-what-strains-to-neck-to thank-God-for-it-Triyoga of gentle type to follow then is to save, unwind. So I realized how much a retrain for my brain leaving the quiet those planks, pushups and side pushups, then of course thigh-bunched-over the shoulder move, are - I really have to conclude what is centering and sadhana that is the lying on the floor very brief stretch of time, conclude with my own brief and silent thanks and dedication little prayer so that then I can let go the place-expectation-this-of-being rejuvenating for a neck (and low back, likely) that will need special attention after the class, and those things -the side plank with free leg into tree that is so impossible not to strain and endanger a tear in the supporting knee, then shoulder respectively- that I have to think of some kind of secret hidden prop, under the clothes, that'll drop a spring down- a spring so I can be mobile to push up higher into the appearance of the horrible danger pose- and I have to have a plan for how to get this paid for by me - money going to Mom -so I can have it just be on me if I can't make this fly and drop out - unable to do the moves.  The getting the thigh over shoulder thing they'll have me work on and I'll get it chiropractically looked at.... and the only thing that remains to be seen to in all this is the propping dangerous side tree.

what is this search the green dove peace sight w/all the art links & ...'womens' ar." there are communities of poeple out there who discuss these things-  then if my Triyoga family of those I see throughout life is the only community in which i always feel I'll return, these things are worth dipping into, even that only one dip that leaves the very special thin plaster of chocolate dip that the rest of the candy stick will get the special meldiness, and special taste  - Someone writes a film on Vietman "Surnam Viet Given name Nam" and someone from India films "Pink Saris..." what are these, they've got to all be good... the magazine of women's art- modern trends...

I'm making a doll-figure for Zhea. She is going to laugh. because I'm using this hypnosis idea I have. She'll know I'm not making fun of her. It is like this: the girl figure's eyes are reaching to this hypnotism ball -wheel and she is looking for the dream she had in many forms and variations of being inadequate in the yoga certification she wants to be in and this time her Guru has just turned green. It's connecting multiple cartoons Zhea's drawn me while I was telling her the stories-

“Yes, everybody has the answer. Yes… “ Bob Marley sang to me today. Because sitting here after the period pain, in the midst of questioning (and, albeit, reinstigating) my vacation, revisiting the years past and each of their eras of this recipe of “looking for jobs or posting for Gita or suchlike- investigating/putting my own postings on the town, doing yoga, most of all:  writing and thinking about the things that are on my mind in yoga which takes all day or half a day then cooking, and most of all the equal of prior most: wasting time on relationships.”  Then I say, I’m gonna start something. The only thing I’ve done I can say I’ve done worthwhile is meditate. I know there are tons (most) people in the world looking at their life, sitting there just as I’m doing, sizing it up like this. Why not all come together and size up the meditation we’ve been doing? We obviously have enough care and compassion for ourselves (and for others, though societal misfits self-appraised, we’re not in prison) so why not extend that by recognizing the breathing that we’re doing as what is it: meditation, I know now, having talked to (guess those relationships weren’t a waste) enough other people either self-appraised or appraising in the thoughtline of how is my life going, am I getting anywere, accomplishing anything? To know –see, I see, they’re meditating according to the Buddhist or the this-form-of-yogic (one or the other) eye focal flow and the body flow. They come out of it talking to me lucidly about what they’ve experienced. Sure I would only have come to this through teaching some too and seeing that people who actually are meditating for a multiple number of these deep breaths – and I count reading poetry, with Nick, right along as the same such – to realize this uniformity – and sure that means I am more adept a meditation teacher than I care to realize.  And I’ve just been hanging out! Talking same-such lo-down with my “homies!”  Laughing too. Always also laughing in these times.   So I, Aleytia Gaumut, do hereby start the meditation for stretchy and stretchy-hopes-to-be people. Whether or not I pass yoga teacher training, I know I’m gonna get certified by Rinpoche to teach, it the Tibetan line of things, that I feel absolutely sure of. And Sure of its applicability to all my “homies” and to the .. ok only to the yoga if I ever get certified in it. I’m confident enough in the Tibetan work of things which includes all this happiness, fiction and art here, having to share. So keeping a little bit of a secret (yoga) well what’s to gab about it anyway? There’s kinship and comradery and Homieness to go to in it and that’s not a misdemeanor.
North Carolina..  I saw in my mind's eye the green -light and shiny transparent-partly -same green I'd imagine while visualizing the color of the heart- when thought of the green we'd just left in Florida being the same life freedom-from-cold beckoning in North Carolina.  That was while continuing the playing in my head of "green, green pastures, stretching, far and farther than the green on the other side of this fence..."  silly up-and-down tune, it was like a sweet sign and that then I was thinking of the next part of this storyline which is the Guru saying I am the green travelling body.. and then I realize upon repeated instances of wishing to travel and green songs coming up, green clay, and almost forgetting that the green heart story is -- oh and I wanted to give Gita a shell figure with green and then the marker to remember to tell her the apologetical-silly reason for not sending Valentine's Party invitations while -actually it was  (get rid of this part)  - the appearing in my dream as so nice of you to say "so glad you were able to be here," online live feed, remembers itself as green 

Dig. I’ve dug. Under the pressures, that’s what digging is. Of time, of sudden time announcing itself (in parent not approving – or if I didn’t get it done before figuring out it’s not crazy, they’d catch me, call met that). Again. In the freezer. ..are the sculptures of yogis that came in the summer when I still was going for those walks. On the wall here and in the bathroom, more yogis and oh!- on the bathtowel. And of course the binful of sketches for clay I have by heart in my head if Mom forgot and needed to free us of it. I would, certainly as I am certain, have forgotten if it hadnt’ been for this very push to dig that is actual push (as in it’s momentum- it’ll try and push me over and all my art-making even found art-making self).  And the blissful knowledge and its question of educational-further-urge seed –yes, this is easy in this time as the upturning happened in a stage unto its own few months – and yes, since art too easy and dry can’t work, and I don’t want to ask for another series of misdemeanors all chewed away into my time, though of course they will (and thanks be to that), I will need, for deliberation’s sake, a new process, a new outward starter inspiration, and not knowing where that could come from, I just keep set on my process to move out from my kryptically yelling comrade’s environment. Into the new veins of little time-taking arts (collage, photo, garden mulch art) but let them not enable my dependancies upon eating too much sugar at night, sleeping late, engaging in long, mental-enspiralling relationships, looking fruitlessly for jobs, and looking fruitlessly for the Great New art medium. the new pottery road of North Carolina? 

Youre always wanting the ‘answers’ –sequences of acts- to do something that is normally not done with such a limited idea of where you want to go with it..  music.. . writing itself.. colors to visualize when you are remembering a writing passage that sounds good and then colors for later in the day when you’ve done yoga- and the mind has had its break- so in there is the color that’s meant to be the analogous or partnered one- meaning also energies to complement the purple creative one- you started with? 

Then there’s “I write down the experience of vacation once I’ve done it. Then once I’ve returned home and I’m needed here-there-everywhere through the day-so as to be taken out of my vacation mode, I know to say the important thing is I tried, and here it is- the written down freshly like an offering in a temple and then this way once the thing I’m needed for here and there passes if it passes, I can realize I’m still on vacation. Or not, the thing is written down and it energizes regardless. Also: going along that vacation tangent: you remind yourself “I’m on vacation” only when you’re on vacation. You’re still working away, obviously; you needed to remind yourself.

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and the wisdom of the pea takes Zhea to a new level of perfecting her care to make food art and stuff it around in people's boxes- and stuff randomly into their hands at meetings. She notices she has thought on this instead of thinking on the irksomeness of preparing foods that it always inevitably becomes when you are preparing meals only for yourself at  along stretch, notices by visual cue in the wrap of collard and sweet potatoe hummus-vegetable compote- the small shining-with lusciousness object- be it a pea, be it a green, or a pod- takes her eye to the bindu of giving focus.

jai Ma Druga. Jai Ma, Durga ... an ocean mother prayer
                                                 ]\*                  \/
I wish I could tell
I wish I could turn while waking up that this is an example of addictive writing   turn the feel of typing ims with people while immersing in online nada into something in sangha-- i'm sure online chantclub....                      
                                                                                     fb                                 I wish I could tell
I wish I could turn while waking up that this is an example of addictive writing   turn the feel of typing ims with people while immersing in online nada into something in sangha-- i'm sure online chantclub....                      
                                                                                                                                                                  \/                                            *i wish i could figure out how to join that online chantclub
like as in how to make it fit in my time not really as in how to join it
though I need to learn that too and that's the reason

A person invents "doky doggy" when hanging out with a person who is very
A)sultry about oky doky and also has a passion for making fun of wild western lingo
invents it
remember when we were making fun of each other for science outlook or scientific-mindedness when we were calling each other's bluff on __go-fish (pic 2/22)__ and Twyla kept succeeding at getting everyone and we called her scientific because she     ..we said it with a sloppy lisp so that it would deride the idea of it...
science (responder is now deriding) *(keep this in for effect of Zhea self-narrating)
Twyla I like your argument very much. Look at me with nothing but clay figures coming into a state of chaos.
facebook and 3d

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1some good fbs through talks about don't ya think they've gone overboard with the electronic synthetic music plus all the bird background and then to "manifestation of being slightly jealous others have jobs I kinda want, " and says I tied her thinking into a knot and I say 'I didn't mean to knot your nugen ...nogin.. noggin... hheehees and we get to the "doky doggie ' thing wh comes from okiedoky &has to have a history*
wwwaaah I wanna tell Ambrosi about this - her daughter ..I predict: not wanting to talk to me -I predict - she hasn't as yet ever not chatted back on screen so why do I assume my obnoxiousness (which Twyla says is not so, anybody with two sec patience with anyone or even just having a two-sided conversation- she adds would understand what I meant) I think people don't want to listen to your one-sidedness and people not wanting to listen to you one-sidedness is the problem... doky doggie*...
I think Kyla is a bodhissatva out to train me to get back with the communication program of not waxing long on myself and doing the self out-loud therapy thing that is so fashionable in movies- where all my social virtual life has taken place my life-long        ...ok but Ambrosi 's the one ya want anyway * snaps to mind as the correct response from the Inner Wisdom Pea * which is Zheas "the way to honesty with oneself is channelling the inner tiny twark 'where is it a little uncomfortable- can I make it a litte better in the way of openness toward what such as it is has to offer me?" =-Zhea decides the Princess and the Pea will be the best option for analogy in this. she continues as has ever since in purport of the "Wisdom of the Pea"  but applies it goofily to scenarios of making things more to Woflo's liking. No. She makes things to her liking because she IS Wolfo's pet.  Aleytia: Pet pea--ve
just taking astab this might be funnier transing to where Aleytia's driving to state College :  part on the notes in gloves/tape bag*

girl -A- waits til further notice to include stuff (where does this go fb or jrnl?)* on emailing funnies to Tiffany
emailing stuff about Mother-explanation
wld be funny

half tort fwd bend agsnt wall in bed, coming off bed basic bridge

pyr stretch feels i'm ready for those dangerous goddess stuffs
readies Aleytia for generic yoga
driving the road to and from (the way back actually) StCollege I sing and create- actually good- simple song-  so thinking I should can a trip there to afford& buy vegas 8 to get produced my videog and music actually kinda stalemates
Sticky present.
Wolfo on the line, I don't want to go back into ______
to come back to the childhood by
looking at the fall                                                                               ok, granted i want to say 'come back
of  up- falling to the wind- butterflies                                                                                          to the chdhood mes"   --it just doesn't developing a promise
and a_hungry attitude ..for not just creationstuff- foodstuff -
complete with smitherings- like Mommie's smithers butterily                      that's why we're in story writing not
of the sandwhich, playtime at the apple candy and the return                                            poetry
from that sticky snack
to the sticky present

(haha, she's commending herself for putting a hold- up to ______ in poetry)

I have that _*_ atit- says zhea- I have it when i

             with the smily one in the middle

Mom's poem


their rented ears
she waves from her cheek
turning their tears into butterflies



ok i get it i need to just go back to theatre. Ice show. Michael Franti on ice.   ..... this is what this looks like:
pics and video^


then they join a poetry club via livejournal and into life.
they meet together, at the same coffee shop as in Wolfo's circle, and talk about the sillies.
this is how we talk about the sillies:
berlejr vorejek. oievjo soup, oweir black bean. Mom and me in a dispute -silly -over black bean, cilantro,

isn't cilantro....?
you see, a silliness of off-topic discussion. here we go
                   Amy: her we go ...         
Zhea: tossing her cloth napkin in mock- Aladdin's gene scythe swizzles-
                                    (anther you see) Aleytia- yes. i like this. very sccchcie*ntific.

metric form
//////mockery of black bean cilantro soup//////////////
///////ekery curry leeky soup//////
//////// potato, potaattto, tomato, tomattooo and smoop*

there once was an onion
who did not like cilantro.
He pecked and he popped but he could not
get the cilantro out of the crock

here we go, blloop, bllop, blllop, her ...

sangha, Theresa says it is called that was the original word for group spiritual sharing. The practice I found was going and stretching on the track, copying the way the runners do, just adding the rolls.  Turns out Level 1 wall hang kriyas, and it's funny, Level 1 winter: that is these but repeated one side is what they do too so then I get cued to go on the pushup mound beside the longjump and do raised slants-slants. It is so funny it makes me one of the runners and be in sangha and flow inTY!Anne Kolesar wants to sell Dvds and gave them to me to take to yoga class -considering I forgot I never come anymore maybe it  means I should take a day break from skating/copying them& runners at IUP track plus spinal rolls

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telepathic imaginings
Anika and the telepathic disciplinary action dream
silly me and telepathic imagining that time is truly is- is not? -on my side and if it's not it doesn't exist in this picture

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Halleleuah people living with their parents and it being ok
Halleleuah people staying simple and it being ok
Rejoicing rebecoming simple givers back it ok
you ok

Hey you, you look so wronged by your own inside reflection when
you move about and swing about that sea of your old affection
when the heart's not glad because you're too inside with it, the telling
told you by people not so into being simple, people out to single
out their riches wishes, riches wishes of the intellect, goals of uphold-ing
the wall of the intellect the small, to keep staid-small riches
and you don't need riches
stay simple,
your old affection,

hey you look at your own reflection

and rejoice back,
at me,
so glad,
I'm free, too
we're all
free if you want to be and will stay simple too,
not stray to the riches' follow-ing

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Ambrosi knows everyone is doing yoga in pieces, and is doing it to fit their flow, it dawned on me. Everyone else but me does karma yoga through every day that both takes energy of the body's chakras 1,2, 3, and 4, and fills 5 up into 6 and 7. I have been without that. My karma yoga, I've tried to make my hatha yoga, asana. So my chakras have become comerged in the process and unbalanced, 1,2, 3, being 1, or 5 into 6, and base or 1 meaning that 3 down condense and stay base when I'm so-to-speak toppling my cerebral head onto the spot on my yard where I want everything to be a way, to be, so, I head-butt earth, unconcious. It's a sound thing.  *describe verbalizations, other students' in day//describe mine: all kriya cue and should I now this/now that*  why everyone else in the class knows how to practice yoga without needing to ask for homework.

thinking about whether to do another repeat of sequence   .... mmmfeels like enough of a stretch prior to stroking onto the ice ..

*1st on paper*  Wolfo realizes that at first he aimed to change a writer's attitude in college *add more, grlfriend, "the man leaves something then realizes everything that he needs is right back in Dallas with his love; leaves the career-chase ariplane,  comes back to tearful reunion."  "How about you invite in the man in you, the restless seeker of the Eastern religions' wisdom." shed does, and redoes her story in a man who goes to China and learns __,. _____, and _____*.
 In graduate school, Wolfo remembers that he was working on just such a goal.  nxt*

Getting work that is giving of the heart and getting someway through that to do less yoga are directly a pair in action.

 I am writing too forward.... *. wolfo.  I want to describe this highly positivized *?* energy that is the apparent same stagnation energy -?*  that is asking questions and more questions to whose answers I cast hope that I will get somewhere out of this butt of the unbliss of mind that has been stigmatizing myself, only with sculpture gang. Get somewhere, truly knowing. Like this dog yipping me and nipping me, every step, every transitition admongst tasks, every navigation within and without the home. Like this car. this car karma. Carma. breaky, breaky, stucky. And Durga like a heartbeat song in between those. and a good break for Durga Ma, centering into the earth, visualization, the snow being deep and cold, close as I can get to that safety that spring and summer and fall were doing my sadhana in the forest, away from intense distraction. And knowing, Durga Ma, Pahi Ma, Pahi Ma, I will, my wheels finally parking, finally parking
                                                                         stairstep this                         I don't intend
                                                                                                                          To write to forward-moving and make some statement in a direction any less than that bliss that is coming.

That turned into therapy again but therapy on myself. I tell Zhea.Thanks Theresa!
Really the only flow I need is Level2 summer that comes before basic bridge. i was, as you accurately observed, overblowing-up in-thought that and the mix  I had done with rev. slant and basics bridge- they are so much the same i was confusing them! that combination of confusion to mean I am practicing missing a great number (actually not).  So next time I see somebody teacher-wise I'll ask her what comes there. Happy Christmas!  I am so happy the snow is clear enough to get to go flow on the ice today ! and no crashy falls as applied deep relaxation equals no tossing my body into the air for many days! :)
oh and I guess i just did a summer Level 3 from the beginning, but i remember enough.

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On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 12:06 AM, Theresa Shay <> wrote:

Jai Guru.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Aleytia.

I was reading back over old emails and noticed this one from you.  Here's what I think:  you could try directing that thinking energy about the details of flows (which spring? which autumn?  what comes next?) toward trying to have Nothought and instead a blissful inhale, followed by a blissful exhale.  I'd put at least as much energy toward that as gathering more flows to practice.  I think this is what the mind needs most:  less, rather than more.

This is my humble opinion, and this course has no curriculum, only existence, knowledge, bliss!!!

If you find, along with bliss, that you need more flows in your possession, I'm sure we can find more for you, as there are so so many.

Enjoy your relaxed breathing and spacious mind.
Hugs for the holidays,

JGD!         >with the other 1/4leaping up 3D*-Aleytia realizing she is end-uncharted to be bored in this yoga-then the below

it's December 17. See, I waited patiently a whole eight days for this little glint of wisdom to show a face again -it did.
I don't have any goal. I'm in Earthtouch. More like sloloming down Earth.
I feel the emergence of the shaking of a goal. It feels good to shake. Nevertheless it was here and it had to get shaken. That is good: it shows hard staying promise of the Guru within, the power within over the cerebrality attempts. All it was in answer to 'what, so movingly to what goal, came to make you cerebralize so?': I want to think not to "get in to teach" yoga. the sound and the chuck of that, zunker that flaps my peace stability off to where the ideas of other things equally as giving -with the geese -
                                                                   already flapped off to
Wolfo’s advice : to see herself while she is writing . The story is of the girl, Sam, as she learns to express herself -standing up for her work alone- in the art world. Her mother is an abstract oil painter – and takes up all her gallery-showings’ first groth- getting her the start she feels beholden about shortly until some real living motherly can happen for the author! She becomes a Big Sister under Wolfo’s direction, something of the mother in her calms, changes, to the at-first-try-chagrin of real life Sam, being somwehre else while being in the writing process, that somewhere else being the necessary place, though, of motherhood. She paints, only in rows of tubers and delicate layout of organics- the Big Brothers/Big Sisters farm- and is translating her candid response of * until it enters the novel, colors brightly the mother, and makes Sam reach her perspective yet assert her independence. Did real Sam gain any change with her own mother in creating this piece, which she says she embarked upon to indeed help her heal her bonds-a bit fraying – with her own mother? Since she wasn’t really living this “flashy life of fame,” Sam says, “I color-brightened the whole thing- like my silly paintings I paint to emptiness and posterity always –only – and shone a spotlight of playact and novella-lighting –up and it brightened my mood for always sweeter with Mom.”

After gradschool he became part of a pool-hangout night crowd of disillusioned city writers. While being beaten in pool by her, another writer became his work study. He wasn’t involved with her- needless to say with the “romantic –obsessed novel writer,” Bhea, he stayed and was now in a committed long-distance commuting life. This writer introduced her fiancé, Gordon, to Woflo, and the three of them gradually became a team in writing. This was the radicalness that began Wolfo’s changes to who we know as the gearchain of meditation, solitary contemplation on writers’ points of view, and execution in bits not expecting anything of what you write. Because that’s how the trio wrote- sick of their respective numbers they felt they each had taken, though extremely successful- at a burnout stage and each practicing codified meditations over the last few years while they slowly burnt out –churned out. (“We’ve been burning out- churning out- meaning losing a bit and a bit more of the stuff that’s new while finding we like meditation and creating a community of these such meditating-active students &pic and still making the bills long enough to take some reflection on the half-decade passed to see we need a change.”)  In its turn the Sartorya letters got their criticisms.

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